Enoline Classic 4

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Enoline Classic 4

* 23% VAT not included. Assembly and training costs not included. Equipment warranty : 1 year

Professional equipment for the wine tasting by glass.

Line of new generation with high technological content that ensures a higher level of service and increased interaction as well as a high-end design.

Main features:

  • Winecard
  • Protocolo RS485 Daisy chain (LAN convertor option TCP/IP)
  • Sophisticated design


Opportunity! Also available semi-new machines

We have available several semi-new machines for sale under exceptional commercial conditions. These are machines in an almost new condition, used only at trade fairs or presentations. Promotion limited to existing stock.
Contact us form more informaiton.

Note: Semi-new machines with and without winecard

Befor: 4.820 €*
Promotional Price -30%: 3.375 €*


Available model:
Wine temperature:
  • Room temperature
  • Refrigerated: from 7 to 18°C (from 45 to 65°F)
  • Dual: 4 chilled bottles + 4 climate controlled bottles
Use and system activation:
  • Behind the counter (without wine card) or
  • Self-service (with wine card).
Gas supply: Food grade nitrogen or argon (cylinder or generator non included).
Servings: 1 or 3 configurable volumes with membrane keys.
Display (wine card systems only): Each bottle position has a 4 digit price display and a 16 character LCD display for general card information.
Materials: Stainless steel with baydur black polyurethane lid.
Cooling system: By refrigerator compressor.
Condensate drainage: Required.
Compressor positioning: Right or left side.
Lighting: With static light LED.
Bottles lifting system: Pneumatic pistons which can be operated with air or nitrogen.
Positioning: Refrigerated and dual models require a 30 cm (12?) distance from compressor side and 5 cm (2?) from the rear.
Wine card type: Chip card (SMART card). Finger print, magnetic stripe or bar code customizable upon request.
Dimensions Width 750mm, height 630 mm, depth 260 mm.
Weight 40 kg
Voltage 220 V
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