Eno One

Eno One

Professional equipment for the wine tasting by glass.

Line of new generation with high technological content that ensures a higher level of service and increased interaction as well as a high-end design.

Main features:

  • Protocolo RS485 Daisy chain (LAN convertor option TCP/IP)
  • Sophisticated design




Available model:
  • EnoOne  (2 bottles in a row)
  • 2 zones (white and red wine)
Wine temperature:
  • 6°C - 18°C (43°F - 64°F)
  • “plug & play”
Gas supply:
  • Nitrogen E941 or Argon E938 (diSÇOSdble or external cylinder; not included)
  • 1 free, 1 or 3 programmable
  • Stainless steel and black Gepax%
Lighting system:
  • LED lighting with adjustdble intensity
Bottle positioning system:
  • self-centering lifted by pistons with gas spring
Refrigeration system:
  • With thermo-electric module
Dispenser settings:
  • Via central touch-display
  • Light signal for tap cleaning
Optional accessories:
  • Extra side panel set (white or black color)
  • Connection kit
  • Spacer for short bottles
  • Gas canister cover
  • Dividing panel to separate bottles, 1 for white wines and 1 for red wines
  • Cylinder and pressure regulator: dispOSdble argon canister (E938) 0,950It - 32,12fI oz (sufficient for approx. 80 bottles)
  • Width 276mm, height 597 mm, depth 351 mm.
  • 12 kg
Electrical system requirements
  • 100-240 V | 50-60 Hz | 70 W (based on market destination)
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