Wine by the Glass

With its systems for serving wine by the glass, enomatic has initiated a real breakthrough in the wine world.

Open wine is preserved for up to 30 days, offering wine lovers the chance to taste premium wines that they would often neither know nor acquire.

More and more bars and winemakers around the world are adopting the wine-by-glass enomatic system, which guarantees them:

  • satisfy your customer requirements
  • minimize your waste
  • maximize your profit in the wine business



Often it is not the price that prevents the customer from purchasing a premium wine, but the risk that this wine is not their taste!

Pre-purchase tasting gives your customer an appropriate and personal choice - a guarantee of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty and a guarantee of increased sales, even in premium wines.

The future belongs to Wine by the Glass!


Some statistical data

After 10 years of global experience with thousands of satisfied customers, we want to show you how the enomatic system is effective in changing and improving your wine business:

1 - Tasting leads to your sale

The wine you present for tasting, even having only an expression of 10% of your stock, will represent 75% of bottle sales!

Thanks to the enomatic system you will be able to conduct your wine sales by choosing, according to your buying strategy, which wines you will prefer to sell.

2 - The margin of the Wine by the Glass business

The sales resulting from the tastings will always represent an important part of the total sales. A good choice of wines for tasting will lead to a sharp increase in wine margins.

3 - The average price of the bottle sold

An enomatic wine cellar has an average price per bottle sold well above competitors in the same area - an average difference of 55%! (European data)
Thanks to the high level of your tastings your customer will be much more confident in buying premium wines - ensuring your profits are increased!

The future belongs to the wine by the glass!